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Best Beginner Snowboards 2021

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Beginner Snowboarder riding down the mountain

Looking to get into snowboarding, but unsure what board to start with? There are nearly an unlimited amount of options on the market to choose from. You could cheap out and buy something that will just get you by, or you could spend a few extra dollars to get you something that will be reliable, easy to ride, and carry you through to your more experienced years. Although they might not all be considered "beginner snowboards" we compiled a short list below of some of our favorites to get you learning in no time.

1. Burton Instigator Snowboard

Check this beginner snowboard out on Amazon:

Burton Instigator Beginner Snowboard, with link to Amazon

The Burton Instigator is a fantastic option for a beginner snowboarder. With a soft flex and Flat Top bend shape, this board is designed for ease of entry into turns and an overall forgiving ride. Having a low skill entry level requirement allows the rider to have fun on this board, it doesn't punish bad or inconsistent form, which promotes confidence and in turn progression of skill level.

The flat top profile gives the board stability and balance while maintaining edge control. The rocker in the tip and tail lift a little earlier than normal which gives you a catch free ride that normally comes in a rocker profile. The board shape is directional, meaning it is a little longer in the front than it is in the back which concentrates pop in the tail while giving plenty of float and control up front. Even though the board is directional it still has a twin flex which means the flex is symmetrical from tip to tail.

The Instigator is loaded with technology. The core consists of Burton's Super Fly 800G Core which is a dual species wood that utilizes dual-density alternating soft and hard wood to reduce the overall weight, while maintaining strength and performance. In addition to the Super Fly, there is also the Dualzone EGD for edge hold, and Squeezebox Low for added control with less effort.

Lastly, and with most Burton boards, their exclusive Infinite Ride technology keeps the board's flex, pop, and feel from the first day of riding it throughout its lifetime.

Personal favorite on the list as it is truly designed with the beginner snowboarder in mind.

Pros: Loaded with Burton technology

Easy to progress on

Moderately priced for its features

Cons: Probably won't take you too far past your intermediate stage

Check this beginner snowboard out on Amazon:

2. K2 Standard Snowboard 2020 - Men's

Check this beginner snowboard out on Amazon:

 K2 Standard Beginner Snowboard 2020, with link to Amazon

The K2 Standard is a great option for a beginner rider, or an intermediate trying to advance their skills. The all-mountain board is very forgiving, especially thanks to its Catch-Free Rocker Baseline that lifts the contact points off the snow ensuring never to catch an edge during a turn. There is still a bit of a rocker in the tip and tail to provide a sense of confidence while riding to hopefully help with progression. The flex on the Standard is very soft allowing it to be a playful ride.

Constructed with an Aspen Core the board is durable yet still allows for flex and pop. The Biaxial Glass on the top and bottom provides smooth all purpose performance without sacrificing design anywhere. The Standard features sidewalls that run all the way from tip to tail and provide a very low swing-weight, the wood core still runs the length of the board for ease of entering turns and pure durability.

Pros: Great for beginner progression

Durable, but still allows for a soft flex

Great value

Cons: Probably won't take you too far past your intermediate stage

Check this beginner snowboard out on Amazon:

3. SALOMON Sight Snowboard Mens

Check this beginner snowboard out on Amazon:

SALOMON Sight Beginner Snowboard, with link to Amazon

The Salomon Sight is an all mountain board that will help a beginner rider progress with ease. The board shape is a directional twin with a cross profile (rocker camber rocker) and a soft to medium flex. The quadratic side cut allows for easy turn initiation, direction changes, and edge to edge transitions.

The core is strong and impact resistant thanks to the CNC selected high density wood strips for the inserts and rail zones. 2mm rubber blocks are in the high pressure zones of the ABS sidewalls to reduce vibrations and fatigue no matter the condition of the snow. Overall this is a great board for a beginner, especially if the intention is to progress their skills rather quickly.

Pros: Great for progression

Comfortable thanks to rubber in sidewalls

Forgiving, but not too much so

Cons: Flex may be a little too soft past intermediate riding

Check this beginner snowboard out on Amazon:

4. Capita Horrorscope Snowboard Mens

Check this beginner snowboard out on Amazon:

Capita Horrorscope Beginner Snowboard, with link to Amazon

Although not considered an all-mountain board with its focus being on park and urban riding, the Capita Horrorscope is certainly versatile. Designed with park and urban riding in mind, this board is tough. Constructed with a special blend biaxial fiberglass, FSC certified select core, ABS1000 sidewall, and bomb-proof bonding component, you can be sure this thing can take a beating.

The profile is a little different than a normal rocker or camber in the center, instead it features a dual reverse camber shape. The zero camber section in the middle provides a stable skateboard-style feel. The elevated areas of contact turn with a sharpness and float over thick snow seamlessly. If you are a beginner that wants something versatile and the ability to transition into park or urban riding, this is your board.

Pros: Very strong construction built with quality material

Versatile and easy to ride

Eco-friendly thanks to the injected plant based Magic Bean Resin!

Cons: A bit pricey if you are not looking to progress

Check this beginner snowboard out on Amazon:

5. Rossignol District B&W Snowboard Mens

Check this beginner snowboard out on Amazon:

Rossignol District B&W Beginner Snowboard, with link to Amazon

Last, but certainly not least, is the Rossignol District B&W. Although designed with freestyle and park riders in mind, the District is still a great snowboard for a beginner. We put this board on the list due to its user friendly rocker profile and forgiving flex.

Rossignol's AmptTek Auto Turn Rocker profile gives the board a 80/20 rocker/camber ratio for excellent entry into turns. The flex is somewhere in the middle, not too soft and not too stiff which gives it a bit of both power and forgiveness for an all-mountain experience. The District is perfectly symmetrical with an even flex which allows the rider to go from regular to switch effortlessly.

The core is FSC Certified Wood 5620 which is Rossignol's go to wooden core. Trying to stay budget friendly the single type of wood gives the board durability and comfort without going too deep into your pocket.

Overall this board will be great for somebody that maybe has a little bit of experience due to the stiffer flex rating and wants to carry their skills to the next level with fast progression.

Pros: Versatile

Budget friendly

Easy to ride

Cons: Maybe not as durable as some others on the list

Check this beginner snowboard out on Amazon:

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