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Best Snowboard Helmets 2022

Trying to find a reliable helmet to keep your noggin protected during the snow season? There are heaps of options to choose from, some better than others. We put together a short list of some of our favorites to help find what best suits you.

1. OutdoorMaster KELVIN Ski Helmet - with ASTM Certified Safety, 9 Options - for Men, Women & Youth

Check this helmet out on Amazon:

OutdoorMaster KELVIN Snowboard Helmet, with link to Amazon

The Kelvin by OutdoorMaster isn't Amazon's best seller for no reason. It is ASTM safety certified, meaning it has been tested and approved in the 6 core standards: test method, specification, classification, practice, guide, and terminology. The idea behind this helmet was to provide safety, style, and an affordable price point, which all 3 were accomplished.

The outer shell is ABS reinforced and the interior is an EPS shock absorbing material. The helmet comes in 3 sizes, although it has an easy adjustable dial in the back to create a nice snug fit. It also has 14 air vents to keep your head ventilated all day long. Both the inner fleece lining and the ear pads are removable for easy washing and maintenance. With 9 different color schemes, this helmet is literally for everybody.

Pros: ASTM certified

9 different color options

Very modestly priced

Cons: Chin strap relatively uncomfortable

Ear pads come out too easily

Check this helmet out on Amazon:

2. Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Helmet

Check this helmet out on Amazon:

Smith Vantage MIPS Snowboard Helmet, with link to Amazon

The Smith Optics Vantage helmet is as safe as it is comfortable. Constructed with Aerocore and Koroyd, this helmet provides maximum protection without sacrificing any airflow. The Vantage features the BOA 360 fit system which is a 360 halo design. Combining all this with Smith-pioneered AirEvac technology for goggle integration, it is a force to be reckoned with...literally.

The Multi Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) the shell and the liner are separated by a low friction layer. When a MIPS helmet takes impact at an angle, the low friction layer allows the helmet to slide relative to the head. It is designed to add protection in helmets against the rotational motion. This helps by absorbing and redirecting rotational energies and forces transferred to the brain. In short, it is the ultimate design in keeping your head protected.

The Koroyd material is engineered for protection and breathability. In combination with the helmet's 21 vents, the Koroyd itself is breathable and doesn't compromise impact performance thanks to its open cell construction. Upon impact, the Koroyd cores compress in a controlled manner, reducing the energy from impact.

Pros: Loaded with quality tech including MIPS

Multiple designs/colors

Warm, but ventilated

Cons: Runs small

Not all colors come with MIPS, make sure it does before purchasing

Check this helmet out on Amazon:

3. Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet - US Ski Team Official Supplier - Performance & Safety w/Active Ventilation

Check this helmet out on Amazon:

Wildhorn Drift Snowboard Helmet, with link to Amazon

The Drift by Wildhorn is a sleek lightweight and well rounded competitor in the snowboard helmet market. With over 1000 reviews and 4.8/5 stars, this helmet has everything you would need at a competitive price. Wildhorn is a supplier of the US Ski Team, not only that, but they are also the helmet sponsor for 4x Olympian Skier Ashley Caldwell. If nothing else, that should give some validity to their products.

This helmet is packed with features including: audio ready ear pieces, FTA secure adjustable fit knob, VNT patented active ventilation system, secure goggle strap, and constructed with material to keep it 25% lighter than most other competitor helmets while achieving ASTM standards.

The VNT ventilation system features air vents that are adjustable to control the temperature of your head. The air vents have a simple slide to open for cooling off and close to retain heat at your leisure. The FTA is similar to the BOA design as it is a twist knob in the back of the helmet to adjust the tightness. The ear pads are designed for audio system compatibility so you can listen to tunes as you cruise down the mountain.

The interior lining is soft and comfortable and the sleek design is significantly less bulky looking than a lot of other helmets on the market without compromising the safety.

Pros: Very lightweight and slim comparatively

Comfortable chin strap

Multiple color options

Adjustable vents for increased air flow or heat retention

Cons: No included storage bag

Check this helmet out on Amazon:

4. Retrospec Traverse H1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Helmet

Check this helmet out on Amazon:

Retrospec Traverse H1 Snowboard Helmet, with link to Amazon

The Traverse H1 by Retrospec is a great hybrid option for both snow and street. After removing the earmuffs, this helmet is just as effective for biking and skating. The exterior is a ABS shell with a firm shock absorbent EPS interior. 10 vents throughout the helmet provide adequate ventilation.

The H1 is adjustable in a few different ways, with removable earmuffs, an ErgoKnob dial on the back to tighten and loosen the fit, and interchangeable inserts for added protection and comfort when you need it, or more room when you don't. The chin strap is soft with a padded cushion to eliminate chin chaffing. It also includes a goggle clip to keep them firmly in place. This helmet is pretty straightforward, protection certified and modestly priced.

Pros: Low price

Hybrid for snow and street

Cons: Not much tech

Goggle strap clip breaks easily

Check this helmet out on Amazon:

5. Oakley Mod 5 Adult Ski/Snowboarding Helmet

Check this helmet out on Amazon:

Oakley Mod 5 Adult Ski/Snowboarding Helmet, with link to Amazon

Oakley makes some quality gear and the Mod 5 is no exception to the rule by delivering a harmonious balance of tech, features, and ASTM certified protection.

The hybrid outer shell construction gives the helmet increased impact protection and also makes it puncture proof to common high impact areas while keeping it lightweight. The ventilation is adjustable which allows for hot air to escape the top of the helmet when hot, and close them when you need to keep your head warm.

BOA 270 Fit System is a fully adjustable design and helps deliver a perfect fit on the fly thanks to the Fidlock magnetic buckle that allows you to fasten the helmet even with gloves on.

The earpads and liner are both removable for different weather conditions, option to wear the goggle strap under the helmet, and easy cleaning.

The Mod 5s feature a Modular Brim System which comes with two interchangeable brims that allow for seamless helmet and goggle integration. The brim system also allows for hot air to flow out of the goggles through the brim to prevent fogging.

Pros: Nice design with solid protection

Loaded with technology

Easy adjustable fit

Cons: On the pricier side


Check this helmet out on Amazon:

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