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Best Snowboard/Ski Goggles 2022

Need a fresh pair of snowboard goggles to hit the mountain with? From lens type, lens tint and color, frames, and different features like anti fogging, there are plenty of options to choose from. Figuring out which type best suits your needs can be tricky.

Cylindrical and spherical lenses: Cylindrical wrap around your face horizontally but will stay flat vertically, where spherical wrap around both horizontally and vertically. While the cylindrical option can offer a better price point a lot of the time, spherical offers better peripheral vision while reducing fogging, glare, and distortion.

Tint and color: Different colors and tints affect the way light filters through the lenses. A sunny day on the mountain may require a different color lens than a snowy or darker day. Usually manufacturers will offer a wide variety of color to their lenses that are interchangeable to accommodate different riding conditions.

If you are a new rider it shouldn't be an issue to get one color and stick with it as you will probably only be riding in certain conditions and infrequently, but if you are someone who is on different mountains and different conditions constantly it would be beneficial to have a few different lenses to rotate through as needed.

Frame Size: Small frames are typically designed for kids sizes, while medium is the standard frame size for adults both male and female. Lastly there are large and over sized frames which are increasing in popularity for some riders due to their large field of view. Larger frames provide room for a larger lens, which can make your peripheral vision much greater. Although, larger frames require a larger face to fit comfortably and can interfere with some helmets, so these are not for everyone.

VLT (Visual Light Transmission): This how much light passes through the lens. Once you select the goggle of your choice you will be presented with an option to choose the VLT percent. Some lenses are built for snowy or foggy days when it isn't too bright out, and some are designed for the opposite. The range for VLT is between 0%-100%.

For less light, the range is typically 60%-90% VLT.

For bright light, the range is typically 5%-20% VLT.

Somewhere in the middle would be best for someone who doesn't plan on switching out their lenses and want their goggles to perform well in mostly all conditions.

We compiled in this list a few of the best and affordable of the different styles out there.

1. Wildhorn Roca Snowboard & Ski Goggles - US Ski Team Official Supplier - Interchangeable Lens - Premium Snow Goggles

Check these goggles out on Amazon:

Wildhorn Roca Snowboard & Ski Goggles with link

Wildhorn designed a premium snow goggle for a fair price with their Roca model. Wildhorn is also a supplier to the US Ski and Snowboard team which gives them some credibility. The profile is semi frameless, with only a sliver of frame on either side. Designed with a magnetic quick release and integrated clip locking system, the lenses can be replaced in under a minute while maintaining a firm lock so they do not fall out accidentally, as is the case with some goggles on the market. The Rocas use Aura Lens Technology, which are a dual lens spherical design with a wide panoramic view featuring premium anti-fog and anti-scratch coating to give you the clear view you need while cruising down the mountain. The lens is constructed with shatterproof ultra strong poly-carbonate material. The frame is made from Thermoplastic Urethane Polymer with anti slip coating and the the inside foam is triple layer to make the fit extremely comfortable on the face. These goggles are of solid construction and can take a beating. Expect to get your moneys worth out of them. Our personal favorite on the list.

Pros: Strong construction for longevity

Quality material used

Panoramic view while maintaining sleek design

Magnetic quick changing lenses with extra clip in hold

Cons: Won't fit over most prescription glasses

Scratch easier than they should

Check these goggles out on Amazon:

2. SPY Optic Marshall Snow Goggles | Aviation Scoop Design Ski, Snowboard or Snowmobile Goggle | Two Lenses with Patented Happy Lens Tech

Check these goggles out on Amazon:

SPY Optic Marshall Snow Goggles with link

The SPY Optic Marshall's design is influenced by a fighter pilot's blast shield, doesn't get much cooler than that. They feature a spherical lens for excellent peripheral vision while also reducing fatigue and distortion. In addition the Marshalls have an ultra-wide field of view that boasts their HD+ lens tech. The HD+ lens puts together high definition lenses with the therapeutic and optical performance benefits of the Happy Lens, leaving you with enhanced color and contrast, boosted alertness, and a distortion-free field of view. The lenses are also anti-fog and scratch proof. On the top of the lens is the aviation scoop which allows for air flow to reduce fog and sweat. The foam that surrounds the goggle is a triple-layer Isotron which is moisture wicking thanks to the Dri-Force fleece, making these both comfortable and effective at keeping your face dry. Priciest on our list, but nonetheless a fantastic value.

Pros: Superior quality

High-tech features

Durable and scratch resistant

2 different lenses included

Cons: Lens swap system may be difficult

Check these goggles out on Amazon:

3. COPOZZ S2 Ski Goggles, Magnetic Snow Snowboard Goggles - Helmet Compatible Over Glasses OTG Design Non-Slip Strap UV400 Protection for Men and Women

Check these goggles out on Amazon:

COPOZZ S2 Snowboard Goggles with link

The COPOZZ S2 goggles are one of the large or oversized frameless spherical snowboarding goggles mentioned earlier in the article. These will provide one of the broadest fields of view due to their large and frameless design. The S2s feature magnetic quick changing lenses that are easy to change on the fly or clean if needed. In addition to the anti-fog coating there is also a reflective coating. As most of these styles of goggles have, they are "OTG" designed allowing for glasses to be worn underneath. The straps are extra long and wide with silicon anti-slip grips for universal helmet compatibility and superior grip strength. The frame is made of premium TPU with triple layer high density soft foam that makes them sit comfortably on your face and two way vent holes on the top for increased ventilation. If you are not a fan of the removable magnetic lenses then there is a virtually identical, slightly cheaper option with the COPOZZ G7 goggles with lenses that are locked in place.

Pros: Massive unobstructed view

Priced fairly for such good quality

Magnetic quick changing lenses

Cons: Not many color options

Frame may be too large and hit the bottom of some helmets

Check these goggles out on Amazon:

4. ZIONOR X Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles OTG Design for Men Women with Spherical Detachable Lens UV Protection Anti-Fog

Check these goggles out on Amazon:

ZIONOR X Ski Snowboard Goggles with link

ZIONER X provides a budget snowboard goggle, being the most price friendly option on our list. They come with a spherical lens with just the slightest frame which still provides most of the visual benefits of a frameless goggle while giving them just a little extra style. Large enough to be considered "OTG" and accommodate most prescription glasses. The lenses are rugged thanks to ZIONER's Enhanced Durability Tech which is impact resistant to protect both the goggle from scratches and the rider for injury. Both the lens and the adjustable strap are easily removable if needed. The strap is large enough to be compatible with most helmets on the market. For the price, these really can't be beat.

Pros: Great budget price

Easily interchangeable lens and strap

Stylish design

Broad field of view

Cons: Despite being scratch resistant, they scratch relatively easily

The outer protective film seems to peel

Not designed for years of abuse

Check these goggles out on Amazon:

5. OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO - Frameless, Interchangeable Lens 100% UV400 Protection Snow Goggles for Men & Women

Check these goggles out on Amazon:

OutdoorMaster Snowboard Goggles with link

The OutdoorMaster Pro ski goggles feature a frameless spherical design which provides a clear and virtually unobstructed view of the mountain. The lenses are easily interchangeable thanks to their magnetic attaching system with a selection of over 20 colors. The "OTG" design allows for glasses to be worn underneath comfortably. Lastly, the strap is long enough and easily adjusted to be universally compatible with helmets.

Outdoor master also offers a nearly identical option with a framed design here:

Pros: Great value

Nice design

Allows for glasses to be worn underneath

Many interchangeable lenses including polarized options (sold separately)

Cons: Scratch-able

Lenses may come out too easily

Check these goggles out on Amazon:

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