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Best Snowboard Wall Mounts 2022

Need a place to store your board during the off-season, or just want to put it on display to show off your setup? Plenty of options exist from vertical to horizontal and everything in between as well as mounts capable of holding multiple snowboards. We put together a short list of snowboard wall mounts that cover the broad range of styles available.

Snowboard Wall Mounts:

1. StoreYourBoard Naked Snow, Snowboard Display Wall Rack

Check this Snowboard Wall Mount out on Amazon:

Two aluminum snowboard wall mount pieces holding snowboard on display horizontally, with link to Amazon

The Naked Snowboard wall mount is a great horizontal option for putting your setup on display while keeping the structure of the mount subtle and nearly unnoticeable. Constructed totally with aluminum, these two little brackets are both lightweight and sturdy. The aluminum is finished with a black powder coat to give them a nice minimal appearance. There is a thick, yet subtle felt lining where the snowboard rests to keep the edges protected as well as keeping the board from sliding around on it. They are both waterproof and rustproof which makes them ideal for storage if you are hanging your snowboard shortly after use.

Overall these wall mounts are great for both display and functional purposes. Have them up on your wall in no time and show off your board's graphics!

Pros: Minimalist design keeps the focus on your board

Sturdy, waterproof and rustproof

Multiple size options for different sized boards

Cons: Board needs to lean on wall for support

Check this Snowboard Wall Mount out on Amazon:

2. Skateptych Vulcan Snowboard Wall Mount Hanger Storage Display Luxury Holder Rack

Check this Snowboard Wall Mount out on Amazon:

Skateptych Vulcan Snowboard Wall Mount components, with link to Amazon

The Vulcan wall mount by Skateptych is a vertical mount that utilizes the shape of the board and gravity to keep it squeezed between two pieces of rubber. Although, I suppose with 4 of them the board could be held horizontally. The Vulcans are built with reinforced thermoplastic and wrapped in a hard vulcanized rubber casing for strength and durability. The sleek design keeps the focus on your board, although the mounts are clearly visible on your wall. They do claim to be rustproof, but we still recommend making sure your board is dry before hanging. They are certainly more practical for showing off your board as a decoration rather than being used as storage in a garage somewhere, but that doesn't mean they can't. The mounts are very easy to install and are held in place with two stainless steel screws. Seeing as the board will be facing away from the wall, it can be hung with or without the bindings on.

Pros: Minimal design

Sturdy material

Cons: Has potential to scratch the wall while removing the snowboard from mount if not careful

Check this Snowboard Wall Mount out on Amazon:

3. StoreYourBoard Snowboard Multi Wall Rack, Home Storage & Organization Horizontal Mount

Check this Snowboard Wall Mount out on Amazon:

Snowboard Multi Wall Mount with 3 snowboards hanging, with link to Amazon

StoreYourBoard has two products on our list, this one being a multiple board storage option. The Multi Wall Rack can hold up to 3 snowboards, with or without bindings attached (if organized well). This one is more practical for storage than it is for display purposes, although it could be used for both. Constructed with lightweight ABS plastic and a heavy duty I-Beam design, you can safely store your snowboards without worrying about them falling off the wall. The wall mount can also be used for more than just snowboards as it can hold skis, skateboards, helmets... pretty much anything you would need to hang. It may not be the most heavy duty of wall mounts out there, but it gets the job done. For the price, you can't ask for much more.

Pros: Great price

Easy to install

Cons: Really only holds 2 boards comfortably with bindings

Check this Snowboard Wall Mount out on Amazon:

4. YYST Snowboard Storage Rack Wall Mount - Hardware and Screw Cover Included- Hold 1 Board

Check this Snowboard Wall Mount out on Amazon:

YYST Snowboard Storage Rack Wall Mount holding up a black and blue snowboard horizontally, with link to Amazon

If you're looking for a less subtle display option, the YSST Snowboard Wall Mount gives you both the functionality required to hold the board in place and the more in your face visual style. This wall mount comes with 2 silver racks and all the hardware necessary to install them to hold 1 snowboard. Unlike many wall mounts, these come with screw hole covers to make sure you can't see the screws and keep the appearance smooth. The 5mm thick aluminum metal construction makes these very strong, durable, and waterproof. The inside of the racks facing the wall is lined with a thick felt that will protect your board from scratches while keeping it secure. What's nice about this mount compared to some of the more subtle options is that you don't have to worry about your board ever falling forward as the height of these is more than enough to keep it locked up. Overall a solid built, secure, and stylish option for showing off the graphics of your snowboard, or just to be used as off-season storage.

Pros: Stylish design

Keeps board from leaning forward

Very modestly priced

Cons: May be a little too visually bulky for some people

Check this Snowboard Wall Mount out on Amazon:

5. Demon Wedge Snowboard Wall Mounts White Combo pack (2 Pairs-Hangs 2 Snowboards)

Check this Snowboard Wall Mount out on Amazon:

 Demon Wedge Snowboard Wall Mount depicting different options for hanging the snowboard at alternate angles, with link to Amazon

Last, but not least on our list are the Demon Wedge's wall mounts. Amazon offers these in a combo pack so you are capable of hanging 2 snowboards. What's unique about these wall mounts is you can position them to hang the board at pretty much any angle you want as opposed to being strictly horizontal or vertical. Like the Vulcans listed above, these rely on the shape of the board in conjunction with the rubber grips to hold it snug in place and keep it protected from any scratches or damage. Constructed of a durable 2 part rubber and nylon body, these should have longevity. The drywall screws that come with these mounts are heavy duty to make sure your board stays safely on the wall.

Pros: Multiple hanging angles

Very subtle appearance

Heavy duty drywall anchors

Cons: Not practical for garage/shed storage as much as they are for display purposes

Check this Snowboard Wall Mount out on Amazon:

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