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Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard Package Review

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Check this Snowboard Package out on Amazon:




Burton Custom Flying V

Burton Custom Flying V front and back graphic pictured, with link to Amazon

The classic jack-of-all-trades design of this distinguished line of snowboards is back yet again for the 2020-2021 season in all of its glory. The Burton Custom Flying V is an all mountain beast making it suitable for all terrains from the most advanced riders to even the most beginner riders.

The board's profile utilizes the wavy Flying V rocker profile which provides superb float on thick snow and gives it a playful ride. The Flying V rocker blends a camber and rocker together to get the best of both worlds. The rocker is in the middle of the board and also on the tip and tail to provide playfulness and float. Although, underfoot is where the cambers come into play for added edge control and strong turning ability. The flex is a twin flex which makes it symmetrical from tip to tail, making it ideal for riding regular or switch. The Flying V is a directional shaped board which is the classic snowboard design. It has a slightly longer nose than tail that provides a little more pop while enhancing its float and control.

Construction of the board consists of FSC Certified Super Fly II 700g Core, Dualzone EGD, and Squeezebox technologies. The core is made of strong yet lightweight wood that are aimed at certain spots of the board to give it the pop, strength, and light weight that makes this board so great. Dualzone EGD provides powerful edge hold and additional strength by having wood grain that is positioned along the toe and heel edges. Lastly, the Squeezebox is Burton's most versatile profile by improving its pop and performance thanks to the thicker and stronger core areas in conjunction with the thinner flexible sections. This allows the rider's energy to be sent outward from the feet to the tip and tail giving them a more stable ride that is easier to control.

The bottom of the board is Sintered WFO which gives it an ultra durable base that stays in great shape all season long. The Flying V also features Burton's Channel Mounting System for ultimate control over your stance and compatibility with most major binding brands.

Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots

Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots pictured from the side, with link to Amazon

The Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots provide outstanding performance and rebound thanks to the stiff flex and PowerUp Tongue. These are built for extreme comfort thanks to the heat moldable Imprint 3 liners, so you can stay on the mountain from dawn til dusk without every feeling fatigue.

The flex rating on these boots is a 7/10 making them a pretty stiff option as far as boots go, but this allows for an aggressive and response ride. The PowerUp Tongue mentioned before provides a precise fit no matter what size boot you are. Many times shells and liners do not match up perfectly, but Burton doesn't cut any corners with the quality of their product. They may charge a premium price, but you get what you pay for. Another technology feature is their Total Comfort Construction, which gives the boot an already broken in feel right out of the box that never wears down over time.

The lacing system is their Speed Zone Lacing. Different from your typical Boa or tied laces, these feature quick lacing control with the option to customize the fit of the upper and lower zone of the boot in no time. This provides more power and rebound with minimal lacing effort. The laces themselves are Burton's exclusive New England Rope Laces which are virtually indestructible.

The sole of the boot features B3 Gel which provides ultra dampening that can take a beating over time without deteriorating or solidifying in colder climates. The Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil provides lightweight heat reflecting warmth that focuses heat back through the bottom of the feet in even the coldest of conditions.

Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings

Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings pictured from the side in black and white, with link to Amazon

The last piece of the puzzle are Burton's Malavita Snowboard Bindings. The Malavitas are more of a medium flex, which is a pretty sweet spot for bindings. They allow for excellent performance on all terrains due to their responsive, comfortable, and forgiving nature.

The baseplate is an EST Binding System that implements cushioning between the board and the base of your foot to reduce weight. EST provides endless possibilities for flex and stance varieties. Exclusive to the EST design is The Hinge, which is Burton exclusive, that allows for the binding to flex dynamically with your leg. This gives the rider extra foot roll while reducing fatigue.

The highbacks are Zero-Lean Canted. This is an ergonomic design that contours to your legs for maximum control and comfort. This caters to a more playful and relaxed rider, but they can still be angled forward for a more responsive control when carving thanks to the Living Hinge.

The straps on the Malavitas are Asym Hammockstraps. The asymmetrical pad and spine gives the boot extra response. You can also flip the straps for more freedom or keep them as is for added support and power. The buckles are Double Take Buckles with Insta-Click. Burton exclusive, the helical teeth and Insta-Click locking are put together for increased torque and fewer cranks to get it locked into place. This improves the overall strength of the binding and ease of use.

Overall this is a solid snowboard package when all put together. This will certainly help you progress if you are a beginner or intermediate looking to advance your skills, or just provide an excellent well rounded ride for a seasoned veteran on the slopes. Burton makes a superior product with loads of exclusive technology that keeps them on top of the industry, and this is no exception.

Check this Snowboard Package out on Amazon:




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