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Review: Camp Seven Redwood and Summit Men's Complete Snowboard Package New 2022

Check out this setup on Amazon:

Camp Seven Redwood and Summit Men's Snowboard Package Components

Camp Seven has been a force to be reckoned with lately. Their newest redesign of the Redwood snowboard is nothing to turn your nose up at.

The construction of the Redwood's core is comprised of Dual Density with Edgelock that keeps the board ultra light while maintaining responsiveness. In addition to the Dual Density and Edgelock are high density stringers that run down the center of the board that give it some extra pop and response along with more stringers down the edge of the board to help drive through all snow conditions without losing its grip. With a RCRX (rocker camber rocker) profile this thing holds an excellent edge. Rockers in both the tip and tail prevent the edge catching and provide a smoother ride, while the camber in the center of the board gives great responsiveness as well as excellent edge hold. This is the board you want to be on if the slopes are icy.

The System APX boots are classic snowboarding boots with lace and metal hooks to be tied tight. Boot size fits true to size. The only thing that would make these boots a little more appealing would be a Boa lacing system. Although, their Thermafit heat moldable liners make for a comfortable fit in sync with an articulating cuff for a smoother flex.

Camp Seven Summit bindings are designed for extreme comfort thanks to the EVA base pad running the full length and provide just as good of control with the gel insert contoured straps. The toe strap can be fit for toe strap style or over the forefoot giving the bindings a customize-able fit. Overall a solid setup that will transition with ease as you become more skilled.

Check out this setup on Amazon:

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