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Review: K2 Standard Snowboard 2022

Check this snowboard out on Amazon:

Pros: Great for beginner progression

Durable, but still allows for a soft flex

Excellent value

Cons: Probably won't take you too far past your intermediate stage

The K2 Standard is a great option for either a beginner rider, or an intermediate trying to advance their skills. The directional (which the only thing that makes this directional is that the bindings are set back 3/4 of an inch) twin shaped all-mountain board is very forgiving, especially thanks to its Catch-Free Rocker Baseline that lifts the contact points off the snow

ensuring never to catch an edge during a turn. There is still a bit of a rocker in the tip and tail to provide a sense of confidence while riding to hopefully help with progression.

It is common a lot of the time for a beginner snowboarder to learn to ride in one direction at first, the twin shape of the board allows for both regular and switch for when the time comes to learn both. The flex on the Standard is very soft, giving it a playful ride... although not so soft that you won't be able to take sharp turns or ride switch. The Standard is designed to carry you through your beginner to intermediate years and maybe even then some. Really one of the only things keeping this board from being good for advanced riders as well is the fiberglass exterior and wooden core, which may become a bit unstable at very high speeds in your more experienced years.

The base of the board is an Extruded 2000 base. This provides a very consistent, smooth glide over the snow and makes maintenance, which will be seldom needed, a breeze.

Constructed with an Aspen Core the board is durable, yet still allows for flex and pop. The Biaxial glass on the top and bottom provides smooth all purpose performance without sacrificing design anywhere. Also thanks to the Biaxial glass the board will be a bit pliable, which will make maneuvering the board while making turns very easy. The Standard features sidewalls that run all the way from tip to tail and provide a very low swing-weight while the wooden core runs the length of the board as well for ease of entering turns and pure durability.

Overall this is a solid beginner to intermediate snowboard at a fantastic value. There are a lot of snowboards on the market to choose from, especially if you're a beginner. That being said, this board should be one of, if not thee, top contender. If you want to take a look at some of our other favorite beginner snowboards, check out our Best Beginner Snowboards 2020 list, which the K2 Standard is also featured in.

Check this snowboard out on Amazon:

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