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Best Men's, Women's, and Kids Snowboard Packages 2022

Guy doing jump on Salomon Snowboard

In the market for a snowboard, but not quite sure what to get? Buying a complete snowboard setup from components can be overwhelming with so many options to choose from, especially for a beginner. Do these bindings go with this board? Will these boots fit well into these bindings? Opting for a complete snowboard package can help make the decision much easier. We did the research for you to find some of the best snowboard packages on the market. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started in snowboarding or an intermediate looking to transition into something more, these snowboard packages will get you where you need to be.

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Best Snowboard Packages

Best Women's Snowboard Packages

Best Kids Snowboard Packages

What to look for in a Snowboard Package

Best Snowboard Packages:

1. Best Overall Snowboard Package: System Timeless and Summit Complete Men's Snowboard Package New 2022

Check out this setup on Amazon:

System Timeless and Summit Snowboard Package Components

The Timeless board by System is a beast. It's build construction is the strongest on this list, comprised of a 3D core with Edgelock running the full length of the board with high density stringers off the center of the board and down the edges. It's finished with a artisan grade heartwood stringer down the middle for increased power and responsiveness. This board is an all mountain king from dominating in the park and the slopes alike. The System APX boots, also featured in the Drifter package (listed below), provide great durability with Thermofit heat moldable liners that provide easy flex. Camp Seven Summit bindings are designed for extreme comfort thanks to the EVA base pad running the full length and provide just as good of control with the gel insert contoured straps.

Pros: Exceptional equipment for price

Great for beginners, but will easily transition with you into a more advanced ride

Strong build quality

Comfortable and durable boots/bindings

Variety of sizes including a wide option

Cons: Priciest on our list

Check out this setup on Amazon:

2. Best Value Snowboard Package: Camp Seven Drifter and APX Snowboard Package

Check out this setup on Amazon:

Camp Seven Drifter and APX Snowboard Package Components

Overall the Camp Seven Drifter package is a quality all mountain board which provides versatility, comfortable boots, and lightweight but durable bindings. This will definitely be a good place to start for a beginner or even a more intermediate rider trying to transition. With a CRCX camber profile (camber-rocker-camber) it significantly increases contact points allowing the Drifter to float over powder and reduce your chance of catching an edge. The base of the board is an ExTrue base, which is designed to be as fast as the sinister base with half of the maintenance required. The System boots and bindings are lightweight, yet comfortable and durable. All parts are interchangeable making it easy to upgrade as you desire. Check out our more in depth review here: Review: Camp Seven Drifter and APX Snowboard Package

Pros: Great value

Quality materials and build

Variety of size options from 153cm to 163cm wide

Boots fit true to size

Low maintenance ExTrue base

Cons: Would be nice to have Boa lacing system on boots

Check out this setup on Amazon:

3. Best Budget Snowboard Package: Stauber Summit Snowboard and Binding Snowboard Package

Check out this setup on Amazon:

Stauber Summit Snowboard Package Components

Stauber may not be a widely recognized brand as they are a family business, but you can bet they put attention into every detail resulting in a solid built machine with their Summit Snowboard package. The Stauber Summit board is another all mountain board with a strong construction. The board is built with a sandwich construction including steel edge sidewall and a scratch resistant Ridged top and bottom sheet. This board can tend to be a little slick. The extruded base helps reduce the amount of waxing the board needs over time. Although this package does not come with boots, the board and bindings are what makes this package a good value. Also providing a good opportunity for a beginner to find a respectable pair of snowboarding boots to finish up this build. Check out our more in depth review here: Review: Stauber Summit Snowboard and Binding Package

Pros: Strong construction

Twin directional tip

Extruded Base for reduced waxing needs

Cons: No boots included

Not many size options

Check out this setup on Amazon:

4. Best Wide Snowboard Package: 5th Element Grid Wide ST-1 Complete Snowboard Package

Check out this setup on Amazon:

5th Element Grid Wide Snowboard Package Components

5th Element intended the Grid to be for beginners and intermediates. So if you fall into this category and have a bigger boot size, then this setup is for you. The Grid has a directional twin shape which allows for both regular and switch riding alike. Its profile uses the EZ Rocker (rocker flat rocker), which makes it easier to initiate turns and reduces the chances of catching an edge. The soft flex helps provide some cushion for error without ruining your ride. Boots and bindings are a comfortable fit with traditional lace style. This package also happens to be the highest rated option on our list with an average rating of 4.8/5 stars. 5th Element also has a slightly cheaper similar option available as well on Amazon here: 5th Element Forge Wide Black Complete Snowboard Package

Pros: Easy to ride, great for beginners

Comfortable boots

Allows room for error

Great Value

Cons: May not transition as well to an experienced rider

Check out this setup on Amazon:

Best Women's Snowboard Packages

Women's snowboards are generally a little smaller all around than men's boards because of the (typical) height and weight difference. That doesn't mean women can only ride boards designed for women, but it's usually a good place to start. Below we compiled a short list of our favorite women's snowboard packages.

1. System 2022 Juno and Mystic Complete Women's Snowboard Package

Check out this setup on Amazon:

System 2020 Juno and Mystic Women's Snowboard Package

This women's snowboard package stands out among the crowd. The System 2020 Juno provides excellent control on the slopes. The CRCX (camber rocker camber) profile frees up contact points in the center to reduce your chances of catching an edge as well as the ability to float over thick powder, and the camber in the tip and tail allow for pop and solid control. This board is designed for fun, and it doesn't disappoint. The boots, bindings, and board are totally in sync, providing not only a stylish design, but also an incredibly comfortable ride. This setup is great for beginner riders and experienced riders alike. A comparable setup could easily be well over this list price in a local shop. This is our favorite on the list.

Pros: Stylish design

Comfortable boots/bindings

Easy riding

Good for both beginners and experienced riders

Cons: A little pricey, but worth it

Check out this setup on Amazon:

2. Camp Seven New 2022 Dreamcatcher Snowboard +Mystic Bindings Women's Snowboard Package

Check out this setup on Amazon:

Camp Seven Dreamcatcher Women's Snowboard Package

The Camp Seven Dreamcatcher is all about making progression easier. This is a good setup to take a beginner into the intermediate stages of snowboarding. The board features the same CRCX (camber rocker camber) as mentioned above in the System Juno, which gives you that catch free riding experience coupled with the ability to float over thick powder. The boards design allows for easy flex and pop without sacrificing durability. The Dreamcatcher has a dual density Poplar core completely surrounded by rubber dampening to increase its strength while reducing vibrations. The Siren Mystic bindings are designed specifically for women riders, focusing on comfort, ease of use, and progression.

Pros: Quality material in both board and bindings

Good price for what you get

Nice design with complimentary components

Wide range of sizes available

Cons: Leaves you wanting a matching pair of boots

Check out this setup on Amazon:

3. Symbolic Freedom Women's Snowboard & Bindings & Boots Package

Check out this setup on Amazon:

Symbolic Freedom Women's Snowboard Package

The Freedom all mountain snowboard package comes rocker style constructed with ABS sidewall to provide good edge hold and Flexrite wood in its core to allow for good response. It has an extruded base and as mentioned before a rocker profile which makes turning the board a piece of cake. It's twin tip design allows for riding in either direction equally. The Symbolic bindings are plastic with the typical adjustable toe and ankle strap and the boots are classic lace with metal hooks.

Pros: Durable board with solid construction

Multiple color options for boots and bindings

Extruded base for less waxing

Cons: Plastic bindings

Board graphic feels weak

Check out this setup on Amazon:

Best Kids Snowboard Packages:

Ready to get your kid out on the slopes with you? Starting them out with a complete snowboard package is the way to go. No hassle trying to pair up separate board, boots, and bindings.

In the past only some major snowboarding brands produced kid's snowboards, now many more are jumping into the market with quality gear since kids are starting at a much younger age than they used to. Although the Burtons of the industry still remain on the top, there are more competitors in the arena.

Companies have started to change their method of producing kid's boards from tiny little toy boards with fun graphics to totally re-imagining them to cater to their little needs. With the different snowboard profiles available on kid boards now from rockers and cambers that basically eliminate the ability to catch an edge, they can gain the confidence they need to progress their skills.

All that being said, we put together a short list of our favorite kid's snowboard packages below. Most of them are full sets as will be depicted in their description, but there are a couple that we put together for you.

1. Burton After School Special Kids Snowboard Package

Check this setup out on Amazon:

Burton After School Special Snowboard image top and bottom of board, with link to Amazon

The Burton After School Special gets its name from the notion that kids should be out snowboarding rather than being inside watching cartoons. With ease of learning to ride of utmost importance, the After School Special is super soft with a saucer like shape to help the youngin learn balance and board control. The bindings are totally parent friendly since they are already mounted in a beginner friendly stance, although they are fully adjustable if needed. Just pick the board up, lock your kid in, and head down the mountain.

The board is a flat top to help focus on balance and stability while the rockers in the tip and tail lift them out of the snow to ensure a catch free ride. Being a kid's board, it is a twin shape with an equally twin flex. The twin shape and flex allow the board to be taken down the mountain in either direction comfortably for when the youngster accidentally slides from one stance to another, or I suppose for learning regular and switch.

The board is constructed with Burton's classic wood core which applies a two wood blend to lighten up the board a bit.

Burton doesn't disappoint when it comes to their snowboards, and the kid's line is no exception.

Pros: Stuffed with Burton technology

Shape of board makes learning simple

Solid construction, can take a beating

Cons: None come to mind

Check this setup out on Amazon:

2. Salomon Team Snowboard w/Goodtime XS Bindings Kids Snowboard Package

Check this setup out on Amazon:

Salomon Team Kids Snowboard package bottom and top pictured with included bindings and tow leash, with link to Amazon

With a more traditional shape and look than the After School Special, the Salomon Team board with the Goodtime XS bindings is another great option to get your little one out on the mountain in no time. The profile of the board is Super Flat with a concave Bowl Skate Base to make turning extremely easy without the fear of catching an edge. Like most kid's snowboards, it is a true twin shape and flex to make for riding in either direction symmetrical. Included with this package is a tow leash for the parent to pull the kid uphill or keep them controlled on the way down.

The board is constructed with low-density fibers to allow for its lightweight and gives it a lifelong soft and forgiving flex. The base is extruded meaning it will require little to no maintenance while providing a smooth glide. The core is made of Aspen wood with high density birch strips for increased hold and the ABS provides dampening for reduced impact on the body.

The Goodtime XS bindings are kid and parent friendly with tool free adjustable straps. Built with 30% composite material these things are solid enough for your kid to ride as hard as they want. The ankle strap keeps them locked in place and the EVA pad keeps their feet cushioned and protected.

Overall the traditional shape of the board coupled with the design features make this package exceptional for kids to learn and progress confidently on.

Pros: Fun graphics and color scheme

Great progression board Cons: Not many size options

Check this setup out on Amazon:

3. K2 Mini Turbo Kid's Snowboard Package

Check this setup out on Amazon:




Front and back side of K2 Mini Turbo Kids Snowboard Package Snowboard, with link to Amazon

The Mini Turbo board by K2 is yet another solid contender in the kid's arena. This board is designed for fast paced progressive learning. The soft flex of the board has a flat top and rockers in the tip and tail thanks to K2's Catch-Free Rocker Baseline, it provides that stable catch free ride that kids need. It's all about building confidence. Unlike the previous setups on our list, the Mini Turbo has a directional twin shape, meaning there is a little bit of an offset in the foot placement, although still maintaining the symmetrical shape. The base is extruded, giving the board a consistent smooth glide and minimal maintenance.

K2 Mini Turbo Kids Snowboard Package Snowboarding boots pictured from the front in black and orange, with link to Amazon

The K2 Mini Turbo boots provide amazing comfort and functionality. Equipped with a Boa lacing system these will be easy enough for the parent and even the kid to adjust with the twist of the wrist. In addition to the die-cut EVA, an interesting K2 feature is their Grows-A-Long Shims that keeps the boots fitting accordingly as the kid grows with them. The sole of the boot features LED lights to add to the fun while still remaining lightweight.

K2 Mini Turbo Snowboard Package bindings pictured from the back and side, white color with black strap, with link to Amazon

Lastly, the K2 Mini Turbo bindings bring it all together. These are durable, easy to ride, and straight to the point. These are designed more like a traditional snowboard binding as opposed to some of the others on our list which is nice. One single tool-less adjustable highback and strap holds the foot in place. Constructed with nylon, the chassis can tolerate all temperatures to make sure your little grom's feet stay warm.

Unfortunately this isn't sold as one complete package and needs to be put together separately which is what we did here with all 3 links available. Overall this is personally my favorite kid's snowboard package on our list and will definitely get your little one on the mountain and progressing with speed and most importantly confidence.

Pros: Traditional board and binding design

Boa boot lacing system

Great for fast progression

Cons: Components come separately

Check this setup out on Amazon:




4. Symbolic Freedom Kids Snowboard & Bindings & Boots Package

Check this setup out on Amazon:

Symbolic Freedom Kids Snowboard Package components pictured from the front, with link to Amazon

Last on our list is the Symbolic Freedom kid's snowboard package. This board comes in length options for a slightly larger/older rider than our previous recommendations with the smallest being 90cm (rider weight: 50-60lbs~) and the longest being 120cm (rider weight: 80-90lbs~). Constructed with a Flexrite wooden core, the board has a good response and reduces unwanted vibrations while the ABS sidewall allows the board to have solid edge hold on hard snow and ice.

The hybrid rocker profile makes turning easy and provides a catch free ride. The twin shape and flex allows for smooth riding in either direction so your kid can learn to ride both regular and switch comfortably. Thanks to the 4400 extruded base, the board slides nicely over snow and requires minimal to no maintenance.

Unlike the other kid snowboard package options on our list the Symbolic Freestyle bindings have a molded ankle strap to keep your heel from lifting and a EVA padded toe strap to keep your foot in place. Although made out of plastic, it is high grade and can still withstand a beating.

As for boots there are roughly 15 options to choose from once arrived on the site. From black to blue to white in color they also offer Velcro straps or traditional lace up style. This is a good option for the rider on a budget.

Pros: Larger size options available

4400 Extruded base

Multiple boot options

Cons: Not the greatest materials or technology features

Board graphic feels weak

Check this setup out on Amazon:

Additional Snowboard Package Reviews:

What to Look for in the Best Snowboard Package:

Types of Snowboards:

All Mountain Boards

The all-mountain style of snowboard is designed to excel in all terrains. These are ideal for beginner riders as they learn what type of terrain they prefer.

All Mountain Boards

Designed to float over thick snow with ease, they are usually wider due to the natural need to cover more ground to stay afloat.

Freestyle Boards

Most of the time a freestyle board is going to be shorter in length and symmetrical as they are designed for the park.


Splitboards are just regular snowboards that detach length-wise down the center to basically become two skis. Ideal for backcountry riding as you will be able to walk uphill with them still on your feet.

Snowboard Flex:

The flex of a snowboard is how much bend it has. Snowboards range from soft to stiff. Usually when purchasing a board the description will have a softness rating on a scale between 1-10, with 1 being softest and 10 being stiffest. A softer flex rating is generally better for a beginner rider as it is more forgiving and makes maneuvering the board easier.

Rockers and Cambers:

Snowboards have different profiles which cater to different types of snow and terrain you will be riding over. For example, a cambered profile is a solid option for riding down slopes that are groomed, where camber/rocker/camber is great for gliding over thicker soft powder.

Camber Snowboard Profile

Snowboard Length:

Height and weight play a major role in what size board you will need. You can check out our Size Chart to get an idea of where you should be. But, you can always use the rule of thumb that if the nose of your board reaches between your chin and nose, then the board is the right size.

Snowboard Width:

Some people with a taller stature and larger foot size need a wider board. You don't want your boots to extend too far over the edge of the board or you could catch the ground and do some damage. Our Size Chart page also has a guide for boots.

Snowboard Width and Boot Size Chart

Final Thoughts

Going with a complete snowboard package is designed for spending more time riding and less time stressing over what gear to buy. You don't even necessarily need to know right away what kind of riding you want to do in your future as most of these boards on the list are all-mountain and will cater to most terrains. In your later years when you decide where you want your focus to be, it will be time for an upgrade at that point anyway and you can find a board catered to that specific style. All that being said and you're still not convinced a snowboard package is the way to go, we do have a list of our top beginner snowboards, snowboard bindings, and snowboard boots for you to build your own package out of.

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